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Private Label - Quality Products and Certified Suppliers

By creating our brand, Earth's Dreams, we have always kept in mind that safe and reliable products are a vital part of our commitment to improving human life, maintaining the highest ethical standards.

We feel that a product must be simple and easy to use, it must simplify everyday life and not complicate it. Also we do not have to worry about how that product works but we just have to think about using it for our benefit.

About us
Our Brand


We are a young company with our own brand: Earth's Dreams.


We strive to be a trusted and inspirational seller, providing a pure customer experience through passion and continuous innovation and establishing solid, lasting and reliable relationships with our suppliers.

The our five cornerstones of our business are price, products selection, customer service, certified suppliers and innovation.

People have the power...

                 ...the power to dream!

Private Label - Quality Products and Certified Suppliers

Choose only the best for you!


We carefully select our supplier partners at Earth's Dreams, striving to find a strong business fit where the combination of our capabilities will serve our customers well. Our supplier guidelines help estabilish and maintain strong business relationships with suppliers.

Any supplier wishing to be in partnership with us should approve and comply the universal "Supplier Guidelines Program" and agree to:
- Ethical behavior
- Business integrity and fair competition
- Privacy
- Labor rights and worker protection
- Environmental stewardship
- Health and safety practices

In addition, suppliers must comply with Earth'sDreams’s Packaging, Labeling, & Shipping Requirements.


To inquire about the process of becoming a product supplier, complete please our online contact form. After the form has been reviewed, Earth'sDreams will contact you directly with next steps.

Certified Supplier
OEM Supplier, innovation and quality products
Suppliers guidelines


Customer Satisfaction

We work hard to ensure that the best solutions are offered to our customers while maintaining the highest ethical standards and selecting the best products available on the market.


The customer is at the heart of our priorities and attention, so we only sell products through online marketplaces that ensure maximum customer satisfaction guarantees such as fast delivery, guaranteed refund, minimum or free shipping fees.

Product Money Back
Products Quality Guarantee
Product Best Price
Our Customers

Private Label

Quality products and innovations with certified suppliers for customers satisfaction with best price and money back

If you are a customer click here: CUSTOMER FORM

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