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2 DRYING TIERS fashioned of sturdy bamboo slats help optimize airflow for faster drying. Able to hold plates of all sizes on the top tier and cups and shallow bowls on both sides of the lower tier, the Earth’s Dream Collapsible Dish Drying Rack can also store tableware.


SPACE-SAVING DESIGN folds flat for easy storage. Perfectly sized for college dorms, RVs and tiny-home living, our kitchen dish rack utilizes bamboo’s characteristics to keep your kitchen and your family cleaner and more organized.


BONUS UTENSIL CADDY is detachable and slips over the end of the dish drainer, holding silverware upright for optimal drainage and drying. Not only does this prevent utensils from laying in pooling water but it also promotes beautiful, spotless drying.

WASH DISHES RESPONSIBLY with the Bamboo Dish Drying Rack by Earth’s Dreams. Made of highly renewable bamboo wood, this stylish dish rack helps you maintain a clean kitchen with an eye toward water and energy conservation.

HIGHLY SUSTAINABLE  Our quality products are highly sustainable and responsibly sourced bamboo wood needs only minimal water to flourish. It can be cut and regrown in 5-10 years, making it a true rapidly renewable and enduring resource. 
We always work best for customer satisfaction.

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