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Earth's Dreams COMPLETE ''All You Need'' set comes with a SPECIAL GIFT: 1 Gold Table Runner

ALL IN ONE 300 piece SET plus 1 Gift


Including flatware, gold cutlery, and even embroidered guest towels, Earth's Dreams Plastic Dinnerware Set for Parties is everything you need to serve 25 guests in style.

  • 50 x Gold embroidered Guest Towels 8.8" x 4"

  • 50 x Gold Forks 7.2"

  • 25 x Gold Soup Spoons 7" + 25 Dessert Spoons 5.10"

  • 25 x Gold Knives 7.8"

  • 25 x Gold rimmed Dinner Plates 10.25" + 25 Dessert Plates 7.5"

  • 25 x Gold rimmed Soup Bowls 7.5" - 12 Oz + 25 Dessert Bowls 5.5" - 6 Oz

  • 25 x Gold rimmed 10 Oz Clear Tumbler Cups

  • 1 x Gold Table Runner

Earth's Dreams Elegant Disposable Dinnerware Set – Escape the washing up hassle with class!

300 pieces of Fun, Affordable & Convenient Partyware

If you must choose plastic, do it in style! Earth's Dreams Dinner Silverware Set up styles your festive table setting with attractive “OMG - I can’t believe it’s plastic!” disposable plates, cutlery and tumbler cups. Sturdy AND glamorous enough for any party. A no-stress & time-saving solution for quick & easy clean-up. PLUS: gold embroidered guest towels AND a STUNNING gift from us: a Gold Table Runner.

Premium quality & sturdiness

Made of high-quality, super resistant, hard plastic ready for heavy foods and cutting, each disposable dinner set piece is unbelievably thick, tough AND 100% food-grade safe. Non-toxic. No BPA

Fantastic 300-piece combo for 25 guests

The secret to an amazing table setting

Forget about the stress of having to match everything up. Earth's Dreams combo set has all 300 pieces assorted to perfection. A sophisticated feast for the eye! The elegant touch your holiday dinners need, without sacrificing your fine China. So fantastic - at first sight, you can’t even tell it’s plastic. Psst, careful not to confuse with your real gold flatware!

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