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Dish Racks and How to Choose One

Regardless of it being considered as unattractive kitchenware, the benefits of owning a dish rack outweigh the downside of an unaesthetic kitchen interior even if you possess a dishwasher. Be it speed drying, keeping dishes separate, or providing better drainage, there is no better alternative to a dish rack.

You are on the right track if you are planning to have a dish rack in your kitchen because who doesn’t need one, but once you go out searching for a dish rack that would fit your sink space perfectly, will have the appropriate capacity for holding all your dishes, cutleries and glasses, you will realize that finding the right one is not as easy as it seems, since there are so many variations of dish racks in terms of size, design, and functions. Numerous dish racks are available for sale and it’s up to you to find the one that is a perfect match for you.

Let’s face it: A cluttered kitchen counter is not pretty and it’s definitely not easy to clean and organize. Whether you’re dealing with limited counter space or you live in an apartment without a dishwasher, the area around your sink is probably home to halfway-dried dishes, pot lids, and hand wash-only tools galore. Luckily, there’s a great space-saving storage solution that will cure all of your counter space woes.

Types of Dish Drying Racks

Large Dish Drying Racks The biggest issue with large drying racks is the amount of room they take up. If you need all the counter space you can get, but want to make sure your drying rack can handle a lot of dishes from those fun dinner parties you have. They even have a wine glass holder, a collapsible utensil band, and can hold pots and pans.

Two-Tier Chrome Dish Drying Racks These are best If you like each type of dish you wish to have its designated spot to dry. Made with heavy-duty and rust-resistant chromed wire, these are normally designed to hold plates on the top tier, while the flat bottom rack can be used for mugs and bowls.

Expandable Dish Drying Racks

If you want a stylish over-the-sink dish drying rack, these are the best option. These expandable stainless steel over-the-sink dish drainers offer sufficient storage space for your dishes and cutlery. They will fit over most sinks too and will also work on counters.

Over-the-Sink Roll-Up Dish Drying Racks

If you don’t want all the bells and whistles on your dish drying rack, try out something that can fit items big or small, in any way you so choose to place them on the rack. This option is especially useful for those who want to dry pots and pans over the sink without taking up counter space.

Stainless Steel Dish Drying Racks with Hooks

Stainless steel dish drying racks won’t rust, so you can enjoy them for years to come. They are designed to utilize vertical space, so you won’t have to worry about taking up too much counter space.

In Sink Dish Drying Racks If your main concern is the water that can build up in a dish drying rack then these are the best option for you. These can fit right in your sink or on the countertop, and feature a drain spout that opens and closes for draining needs

Bamboo Dish Drying Racks

Bamboo dish drying racks help keep your kitchen counter neat and allow your dishes to air dry. Made from sturdy bamboo, they are free-standing and feature a slatted design to hold washed dishes for effortless air drying. The ones featuring a two-tier design help to accommodate plates, platters, saucers, bowls, and more, these can be easily folded for efficient storage when not in use. Plus, the natural wood finish adds farmhouse-inspired charm to your kitchen. Looking for the best bamboo dish drying racks? Check here.

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