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What are Biodegradable Plates & What are they made of? Explained in Detail

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Questions are normally asked and information is required by consumers relating to sugarcane items, how are they made, what are their benefits, etc.

At Earths Dreams our sugarcane plates are made from a substance called Bagasse; this is a by-product of crushed sugarcane and has traditionally been considered a waste product. For every 10 tonnes of sugarcane produced, there is around 3 tonnes of waste Bagasse, this can now be pressed and pulped into biodegradable board products such as plates and bowls.

Bagasse has fantastic eco-friendly credentials; its production has no additional impact on natural resources and is purely compostable and biodegradable. It requires no additional plastic coating, which has traditionally been an issue with the more common polyethylene coated paperboard style of plate. As the sugarcane plates are a 100% natural composition, they will naturally break down over time, they’re completely compostable.

A few qualities of sugarcane bagasse are mentioned below.

• Made from a renewable resource: sugarcane

• Paper-like consistency

• Microwavable

• Freezer safe

• Allergen free

• Biologically degrades in soil in 180 days and composts in 45-60 days in a

commercial composting facility

• No plastics or wax lining

• Fully compostable and biodegradable

These types of products are sustainable high quality disposable food and drink packing products that will help reduce the plastic waste in the world and create a better environment for our future generations. The majority of products are made out of natural-raw sugarcane, plant starch and recyclable paper materials.

In terms of the product itself, it’s best described as a matte-effect heavyweight card material in texture, much thicker than a standard disposable plate and feels more substantial. It’s a highly rigid product, making it very well suited to scenarios which call for a disposable plate or bowl, but also require a premium and more heavyweight product. We always recommend a sugarcane / Bagasse product where the customer intends to serve meal sized quantities of hot / oily foods.

All these items can be safely used in the microwave; they can even be refrigerated and frozen making them a great choice for environmentally friendly takeaway use.

Bagasse is now widely being used across the catering industry as a substitution for disposables made from wood, pulp, fiber, petrochemicals and plastics. Across the industry, you will commonly find Bagasse takeaway containers, bagasse plates and bagasse bowls.

You can see our range of biodegradable plates and other products by visiting our store


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